Cant Resist Cakes, Cake Shop In Ilkeston

Can't Resist Cakes Retro Cakery is ran by my Mum Jan and myself Kerryann. We have between us many years experience in baking with many of our skills being passed down from my wonderful Grandma.  Needless to say it hasn't all been 'a piece of cake' and we have had our fair share of cake disasters!  We have spent many hours in the kitchen debating (sometimes the occasional cake fight) and perfecting our creations.

My Mum Jan is my best friend as well as my rock when it comes to Can't Resist Cakes!  After being a Mother, Grandparent,care worker and far too many others to mention at the tender age of 57 she has finally found her calling!!  It was my Mum's Mum and Dad who were the bakers in the family and so the genes have finally been passed down!!  Her creative juices have been flowing and she astonishes me sometimes with her fantastic ideas.  Can't Resist Cakes just wouldn't be if it wasn't for Mum.

My life is much more complicated but that will be an autobiography in years to come!! After being diagnosed with Clinical Depression after many years of suffering I had to find a career that could work around my illness.  Like my Mum I've tried many different careers and nearly completed a Diploma in Mental Health Nursing, which left me needing counselling!!  So here I am at 38 years of age, Single Mother of two fantastic children setting up Can't Resist Cakes because I clearly cannot Resist!!

Mum and I work extremely well together and we are questioned all the time bout whether we fall out!!  The answer is 'yes' of course but the secret of our working relationship is that we can walk away, have a cuppa and then come back and forget what we fell out about!!  It's the perfect relationship and we pick each other up when either of us is having a bad day.  However everything comes together when we are baking and creating and we wouldnt change this for the world.